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Blame Game V © KAWS 2014


Buy, sell and collect, with a specialist by your side

What we do

Donuts (strawberry) by Banksy - MyArtBroker
Donuts (strawberry) © Banksy 2009

What we do

We connect buyers and sellers of blue-chip prints and editions.

Specialising in original prints multiples, in particular Contemporary, Street & Urban Art, our team facilitate discreet, independent private sales. Unlike at auction, our private sales prices are fixed, clear and always mutually agreed upon between both parties.

Our team brings decades of specialism to every interaction, backed by dedicated expertise in the history of prints and editions, and in-depth experience in this dynamic marketplace.

MyArtBroker has helped collectors acquire and sell some of the most important prints and multiples of the last two centuries. Our mission is to get you a better deal than anywhere else in the marketplace.




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The Souls III (turquoise, rustic copper, silver gloss) by Damien Hirst - MyArtBroker
The Souls III (turquoise, rustic copper, silver gloss) © Damien Hirst 2008

Buy with Us

You can request a guide price, condition report, or advice on sourcing any of the works listed on our site at any time via our artwork pages.

If you find something you'd like more information on, you'll be connected with our team directly, and receive everything you need to know about the artwork, before deciding if you'd like to make an offer. All works offered with us are authenticated and come accompanied by an extensive condition report. If you would like to make an offer our specialist broker will be on hand to offer uncompromised advice.

Our brokers have been sourcing Urban, Modern and Contemporary prints for our members since 2010. They can tell you what to expect, and advise you on any offer you'd like to make. If you come to buy, your personal broker will negotiate and manage the deal, while all the logistics will be handled by our experienced team from beginning to end.

"My purchase with MyArtBroker was one of the best art buying experiences I have had. They were very transparent (shared condition and images), very fair in price, and delivered the artwork in an expedited manner." - RH, USA

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Untitled (Based On Blaze) by Bridget Riley - MyArtBroker
Untitled (Based On Blaze) © Bridget Riley 1965

Sell With Us

You can request a free, zero-obligation market valuation of the work you're looking to sell at any time.

If you are looking to sell immediately you'll be connected with the team direct, and assigned a personal broker who specialises in the artist's work you're looking to sell. They will guide you through the whole process helping with any authentication, restoration or logistics, if needed.

Once a price is agreed, your work will be offered to our members first, and marketed internationally. Serious offers will be fielded by your broker, who'll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Once an offer is accepted we'll be there to safely close the sale for you, and process the funds.

"Can't recommend these guys enough. They turned what could have been a long and stressful process into a breeze...the whole thing was smooth and stress free." - AC, November 2021

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Pulp Fiction - Banksy - MyArtBroker
Pulp Fiction © Banksy 2002


0% Seller's Fees, Guaranteed

MyArtBroker has specialised in Contemporary & Urban editions since 2010. In those 12 years we've built a unique collector's community focusing on originals, prints & editions by Banksy.

This powerful private network allows our brokers to source and sell almost any authenticated edition within Banksy's portfolio, at speed, and in direct response to the demand. We offer 0% seller's fees as standard on any Banksy work consigned with us. Costing you absolutely nothing to receive a valuation, accept an offer and sell.

We also trade Banksy original canvases offline, with the utmost discretion. To find out more about working with us on a canvas or unique. Do get in touch direct.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our mission is to do one thing really well.

That one thing? To get our clients - buyers and seller's of contemporary and modern original prints and multiples - a better deal and the best service, while keeping them in control of the outcome at every single step.

Because we specialise in the niche bluechip secondary prints market, we can do exactly that, every time you buy or sell with us.


Our team is built from experts in each sector of the art market, from auction, independent dealerships and high-street blue-chip galleries.

Our team are experienced, impartial and truly understand the marketplace. We’re also passionate about the artwork we deal with and are motivated by passing on knowledge and finding the best solution for a seller or buyer. We couldn’t succeed at this if we didn’t specialise.

We have over a 100 years of gallery, dealer and auction experience in the blue-chip prints and editions market combined. We’re always looking for brilliant people so get in touch if you think you could add value to our team.

We’ve personally experienced the smoke and mirrors of the art market, and the adrenaline and disappointment of auction.


We’re experts in the modern and contemporary prints market with a combined 45 years of experience in facilitating the buying and selling of art. Our mission is to get a better deal for you every time you transact with us, and in doing so regularly return seller’s well above what they could achieve elsewhere.

What does this mean? It means that we know the art market, the people, the data and the artwork itself better than anyone else. Our team is able to identify who would be interested in your work, or where your work might sell best and we’re in regular contact with dealers, auction houses and galleries throughout the world. You can be 100% confident your art is seen by active buyers and is recommended to the best.

What’s more, MyArtBroker has a consistent proven track record, regularly supporting the sales of work by masters of the 20th and 21st century from Picasso to Banksy.

Your art will be listed for sale alongside works by internationally acclaimed blue-chip artists, with your personal broker identifying buyers interested in your artwork’s category, offering an opportunity to market your piece further afield, to a broad yet qualified and credible audience.


Anyone can sell a piece of art, or indeed a collection of art via MyArtBroker. This could be a private individual with just one or two pieces to sell or a fine art professional. Our network is made-up of long standing established collectors and those looking to sell something for the first time or interested in getting a valuation on a work they know might hold value.

Our network is dedicated to blue-chip prints and editions market, therefore we focus on only certain artists whose work is established on the secondary market, so ensure we’re suitable for your artwork by checking our Artwork page.


We are an introducer, we bring buyers and sellers together, facilitating private sales and advising on the market for your work at any given time. We introduce buyers to sellers, and sellers to buyers, negotiating the resale of artworks for clients.

When you choose to consign with us, you will be assigned a dedicated art broker. An expert who will support you in finding a buyer for your art. Our brokers are specialists in their field, and use our extended network to help make connections to buyers.

When you chose to buy with us, you can rest assured what you're buying is authenticated and checked to the highest standard possible.

Our 15,000+ database of clients, digital marketing and online optimisation draws over 50,000 visitors per month.


Yes, our valuations are free and confidential, you also have no obligation to sell with us by becoming a member and benefiting from our market advisory expertise.

We employ a number of techniques and practices in order to give realistic and achievable valuations. We analyse the demand for the artist in question from both the public art market, and our private database that tracks the demand from our collector network, taking into consideration all factors we assess the current value of the work and advise you on a price bracket for your work.


Our mission is to get you a better deal that anywhere else. If we can't we'll tell you and often recommend a better place to acquire or sell your work. We charge nothing for this service, no matter how long you have been with us.

To consign a work of art to MyArtBroker is completely free of charge. The services of your dedicated broker, the marketing of your piece for sale through our networks and our comprehensive digital marketing will begin immediately.

We’re confident that our platform will match you with a buyer and that’s why we’re happy to support you as the seller without fee.


We have taken great care to put in place systems that mean both the buyer and the seller can be confident in the transaction. If you have any concerns around the process of transacting with us, please get in touch and have a broker talk you through it.


Buyers from around the world use MyArtBroker to find the art they are interested in. We know that over 50,000 people visit our website every month, these are people are looking to find a seller who has the piece of art they wish to buy. Or are a seller looking to consign a work to reach our network of collectors.

Our 15,000+ network is made up of long standing established collectors and those looking to start a collection for the first time.


Finding the right buyer, or work of art, at the right price can be challenging. We’ve developed a network over 20 years of collecting, dealing and specialising in the Urban, Contemporary and Prints Market.

Our network is bespoke to us, including over 15,000 collectors, some buy and sell regularly, some are just entering into the field of collecting, others are with us for the first time interested in realising the value of something they acquired many years before.

We work with collectors, buyers and sellers from all over the world. Our focus is to grant access to the artwork you’re looking for, or the right return on your investment by connecting you to our powerful community of collectors.


Collecting and investing in art should be easy, and whilst expertise and value are paramount, excellent service, the personal touch and true transparency and control of the deal make it an enjoyable process. Which is why we’ve built a concierge process into the core of our business. We keep you in control and handle all the logistics along the way. If we’re not best placed to offer you the best possible service, we’ll tell you who can.

Whatever you need from our team, their top priority is to give you a better deal in terms of price, service and experience than anywhere else. You can find out more at How it Works .


Speak to one of our team today

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Kerry Hartley

The team at MyArtBroker are incredible. This was our first experience at selling artwork, and i am so pleased to have chosen MyArtBroker. The team are professional; throughout the transaction we were kept informed and no query was too small for them to deal with. i have no hesitation in recommending them and will certainly be using them in the future. Thank ...

a week ago

Mr Coles

Seamless & Professional. I was initially apprehensive but the team provided me with the confidence to use the service and I don’t regret it. One minute it was in my possession, the next it was being authenticated and before I knew it, i received the compelling offer to part company with it. Lot of communication throughout and I’d thoroughly recommend using M...

a week ago

Jason G

Fabulous experience. We can't recommend highly enough. It was a super smooth transaction and the people were lovely and very easy to talk to and get some real sense from. Perfect. Thank you.

2 weeks ago

Rita Snaddon

I cannot recommend MyArtBroker highly enough. From the very first contact with Celine, Wendy and Joe, I felt my sale was in the right hands. I was apprehensive at the beginning but they explained the process at every step of the way, kept me informed at all times, and handled my sale in such a professional way. I can safely say this is the best client servi...

a month ago

Jon-Paul Winter

Knowledgable and straightforward. I really appreciated their manner - not pushy but careful and considerate. Much better deal than a conventional gallery too.

in the last week