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Discover the true fair market value of your print with our free, no-obligation valuation service, backed by cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge.

It is estimated that only 34% of prints and editions sell at public auction - only half of these at the most famous three auction houses. So what about the other 66%?

Fair Market Value

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Fair Market Value

Why Our Valuations Stand Out in the Art Market


Our valuations reflect true fair market value in the market, with real-time updates. By integrating both private and public sales data, alongside synthetic data points added by our specialists against bids and offers in our marketplace, we ensure that you receive a true and up-to-date valuation reflective of your artwork’s value right now.


Our unique blend of data, technology, and human expertise ensures that our valuations are more accurate and reliable than any other service in the market. Our specialists have decades of experience and a deep understanding of the art market, ensuring you understand how and why we have valued your artwork.

Submission takes less than 2 minutes.

The difference? Our Value Indicator blends both private and public sales data with prediction technology.

How Valuations Work at MyArtBroker

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How Valuations Work at MyArtBroker

The global secondary prints market is worth over £500 million. For the art market it is a category that is liquid, accessible, traceable and highly investable.

Blending our own private network sales and valuations with over 300 auction house results, tracking unsold rates, buyer and seller fees and over 40 identified market dynamics our proprietary algorithm integrates diverse data sets to provide you with the most accurate and transparent valuation possible, before going further to appraise the work in question. Our specialists will then appraise the work against market factors, condition and provenance.

Step-by-Step Process

1. Submit Your Artwork for Appraisal

Provide details about your artwork using our simple online form. This takes less than two minutes and is completely free.

2. Data-Driven Analysis

Public pricing data only offers a part of the picture instantly. Our unique Value Indicator blends private and public sales data and prediction technology to define true market value of a work from that specific series.

3. Expert Market Analysis

Coupled with the expertise of our specialist brokers, we input synthetic data points into the algorithm every time we set a valuation, giving more comprehensive vans accurate valuations.

4. Personalised Approach

Each valuation is as unique as the artwork itself, and informs our algorithm even if a sale isn’t pursued to give a thorough insight into the work’s true market value. Our team will look at factors such as condition and provenance to further define the value.

5. Receive Your Valuation

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a valuation from one of our specialists, giving you a clear understanding of your artwork’s current market value and helping you make the right decision. That valuation will be stored in your MyPortfolio account, where you can watch fluctuations in the artwork series, track public and private results in real time.

Reveal the true value of your art with data and expertise.



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Bespoke Valuations for Large Collections & Originals

With a specialist team with over 100 years of art market expertise, we regularly carry out larger valuations on artworks outside of the prints and editions market. Speak to the team today to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Art Valuations at MyArtBroker: Our Guide