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Choose Your Weapon (queue jumping grey)

Choose Your Weapon (queue jumping grey)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 58
H 70cm x W 70cm

Critical Review

Choose Your Weapon (queue jumping, grey) is a piece which was created especially for those people who were 'queue jumped' during the original release. It has a light grey blocked background and was compensation for those collectors who queued but missed out because of the under-handed techniques used by others to get hold of a Banksy; such is the collectibility of Banksy prints. Choose Your Weapon could be Banksy’s opinion that street art is a means of social justice, as with all Banksy works there is a range of viewpoints as to the meanings of the piece.

The youth in Choose Your Weapon seems to represent the disaffected youth that features so prominently in British pop culture. The sweatshirt with the hood up and covering his head appears menacing. Though the stance of the man, suggests he is casual and perhaps not so aggressive after all, the Keith Haring dog is in stark contrast to the figure and certainly gives a friendlier tone to the piece. It is likely that Choose Your Weapon is Banksy’s commentary about street art as a means of social justice. The Choose Your Weapon series was released in 2010 and is significant because it was the last time Banksy prints were available to buy publicly.

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