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Trolley Hunters (colour)

Trolley Hunters (colour)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 750
H 50cm x W 70cm

Critical Review

The Banksy print Trolley Hunters (or Trolleys) was originally released as part of the LA edition accompanying Banksy’s Barely Legal show in 2006, available in different colours and highly coveted. In late 2007, Trolley Hunters saw a UK release in three different formats – an edition of 750 signed colour prints, 500 unsigned black & white prints and 150 signed black & white prints, which you can find under Trolley Hunters.

It seems clear that Banksy is scolding the ‘West’ for its reliance on mass market commercialism to feed themselves and their families in this print. The scene depicted is a humorous take on such a prescient social critique, showing a group of “hunters” preparing to spear down some shopping carts. A similar subject is tackled in critical works such as Very Little Helps, showing a group of kids saluting to a Tesco bag flying high as a flag. In addition, Banksy once used marker pen on a piece of stone to replicate cave paintings, showing a primitive hunter pushing a shopping trolley. He then placed the stone in a museum exhibition, which continued to go unnoticed for almost a week.

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