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Critical Review

Banksy’s Kate Moss prints are a direct response to Pop Art figurehead, Andy Warhol.

First produced in 2003 in a limited light blue edition of 50, these Banksy prints were released in another series of 120 shortly afterwards in six more colours pink, hot pink, purple, green, apricot/gold and blue/grey), with 20 of each variation. Banksy also edited a very limited series of 12 artist’s proofs as well as five reproductions on canvas.

All pieces are signed by the artist, and 2011, Banksy reportedly created a unique edition for Kate Moss herself as a wedding gift. Story has it that on her honeymoon, she was surprised to find the artwork in her hotel bathroom waiting for her. Banksy combines the faces of Moss and Marilyn Monroe, superimposing Monroe’s hair onto a grey-scale portrait of Moss, creating, like many of his other works, both a glorification of fame and a satirical comment on it as a spectacle.

Besides Warhol, Banksy has also paid tribute to a number of other modern artists most notably including Keith Haring in Choose Your Weapon.

Why is Kate Moss important?

Moss has been described as one of the most recognisable faces of her time, appearing on over 300 magazine covers and featuring in Time's list of the world's 100 most influential people in 2007. She contributed to the history of fashion for 25 years, and her image became part of global popular culture. The exclusive Kate Moss series is one of Banksy’s most colourful and recognisable bodies of work, with auction prices reaching as high as six figures for a single piece of work.

Why we love Kate Moss "With its Pop Art aesthetic, this work demonstrates why Banksy is commonly considered to be the Andy Warhol of the 21st century, mixing his eye for colour and composition with sharp social commentary and biting wit." - Joe Syer

Why Andy Warhol?

A nod to the biggest player in the Pop Art game, Banksy’s Kate Moss is a direct response to Andy Warhol’s renowned Marilyn Monroe print. Banksy himself is often referred to as the Warhol of his time due to his consistently revolutionary approach to artmaking and his unabashed social commentary, which makes works such as Kate Moss all the more interesting in terms of its reappropriation of the ‘celebrity’ image. It is the epitome of all that is ‘fame’ and media glorification, concepts that Banksy consistently explores in his work.

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