Wrong War

Wrong War
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2004
Signed Print Edition of 100

Critical Review

The image was created using a stencil and spray paint. Banksy started his artistic career producing freehand graffiti drawings, however the artist turned towards the stencil technique in the 1990s in order to shorten the time it took him to produce artworks, which was vital as many of the works Banksy produced in public spaces were illegal. As an artist whose identity remains a mystery, the stencil technique has enabled Banksy to evade being seen by members of the public and also avoid being caught by the police.

Wrong War is part of a collection of mixed media artworks, Pax Britannica. Pax Britannica is a portfolio of 22 prints, all of various media and made using different papers. Each print is signed and comes in an edition size of 100. The prints were published by Aquarium Gallery in London in their original black portfolio box.

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