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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria
Unsigned Print


Screenprint, 2003
Unsigned Print Edition of 500
H 70cm x W 50cm

Critical Review

Queen Victoria, a notoriously controversial and thus desirable artwork by Banksy, largely monochromatic original screen print save for the maroon block background. The image originally appeared as a mural on a wall in Bristol, and depicts a photo-realistic stencil of the British monarch in a highly provocative outfit, wearing ruling garb, high-heeled boots, and suspenders, sitting on the face of a woman, with suspender-clad legs akimbo, in a very suggestive manner.

Never one to shy away from controversy and a little political and social criticism, with this painting Banksy is directly referencing, and criticising Queen Victoria’s statement that “women are not able to be gay.” Queen Victoria went as far as passing anti-gay laws.

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