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Love Hurts

Love Hurts
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2012
Signed Print Edition of 16
H 70cm x W 70cm

Critical Review

Love Hurts by Banksy was released in 2013 during his New York residency, Better Out Than In. It is a special signed edition of just 16 made available only for VIPs, making it an exceptionally rare and sought-after piece.

Love Hurts is one of Banksy’s colourful works, more lighthearted in its tone than his usual satirical style. It depicts a red heart-shaped balloon against a baby-blue background. The balloon has become tangled in a barbed wire fence and also appears to have already sustained previous damage based on the two plasters in the top right of the balloon - suggesting a broken or bruised heart. Evidently this piece is about love, and how, it can be painful as it is joyful. Perhaps there is also something in the notion that love will set you free.

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