The News V

The News V
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2017
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 61cm x W 61cmx D 61cm

Critical Review

The print is one of nine prints that compose The News collection. In this collection, KAWS experiments with abstraction and isolation by privileging the close-up angle in each print. While many of the prints in the collection seem to be depicting a cartoon character, the viewer is never given the opportunity to see the character in full, and only ever sees an isolated section of its face.

Crosses are a trademark feature of KAWS’ visual language and are often incorporated into his artworks. The News V captures the essence of KAWS’ bold and unique artistic style which favours bold, gestural lines, an emphasis on colour, and the use of a set of distinctive graphics, such as the repeated use of crosses. KAWS’ use of vibrant colours resonates with Andy Warhol’s use of colour in his Pop Art prints from the 1960s. KAWS’ affinity with the screen printing technique has also led the artist to be compared to Warhol who popularised this technique as a means of producing art for the masses, instead of simply serving the art world elite.