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Urge 3

Urge 3
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2020
Signed Print Edition of 250

Critical Review

This print can be seen alongside nine other screen prints that compose the Urge collection. Each print has a similar, yet unique design, privileging different colours and a novel arrangement of hands. This collection is exemplary of how KAWS often incorporates cartoon characters into his artworks. The artist has created an impressive cast of figurative characters which frequently reappear throughout the artist’s work. Companion is one of KAWS’ oldest characters, first appearing in 1999. Other popular characters created by KAWS include Accomplice, Chum and Bendy.

KAWS’ characters recur throughout his oeuvre in different settings and iterations, reflecting the artist’s love for animation and cartoons. The cartoon figures are often depicted in shy and timid poses, as is seen in Urge 3, and Companion is often rendered covering his mouth and nose with his hands, seemingly powerless.