Lorenzo Quinn is regarded as one of the worlds leading contemporary sculptors.

Son of actor Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo cites his father as one of his primary influences both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with respect to Anthony’s early work in painting and architecture. Although demonstrating skill and passion for both acting and as an artist, in painting, Lorenzo Quinn found that it was through the medium of sculpture that he could create genuine works of art. Some of his most famous works being: Gravity, Love and Hand of God – inspired by Rodin’s The Thinker.

Inspired by the great figurative masters, Michelangelo, Bernini, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and Auguste Rodin; Quinn’s creative ideas spark quickly into life, as he stays ,“the inspiration comes within a millisecond”. With each Quinn sculpture, the idea is first born in writing through his poetry and literature before being transformed into one of his monumental sculptures – often in bronze and aluminium. These political and highly religious sculptures have been exhibited around the world. He currently has permanent installations in London, Europe and the United States, and his work is held in many notable private collections.

Lorenzo Quinn

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