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Lillian Carter

Lillian Carter
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1977
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 100cm x W 75cm

Critical Review

Lillian Carter was published to raise funds for Carter’s presidential campaign and having Warhol participate in the campaign meant that Carter was able to position himself as the progressive candidate and win over many young voters in New York who idolised Warhol due to his celebrity status and love of popular culture.

The portrait of Cater is more abstract than those of her son as the print is made up of blocks of colour which are layered over one another. In this composition, Warhol uses a mix of bright and bold colours, a signature element of the artist’s visual style, as well as thin sketch-like black gestural lines to delineate the woman’s features and sophisticated suit jacket. On Carter’s jacket at the bottom right of the composition is a badge of Jimmy Carter smiling. The tiny image on the badge resonates strongly with the grinning Jimmy Carter in Warhol’s own portraits of the politician.