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Love Is A Pink Cake (F. & S. IV.27-50)

Love Is A Pink Cake (F. & S. IV.27-50)
Unsigned Print

Andy Warhol

Lithograph, 1953
Unsigned Print Edition of 100
H 28cm x W 22cm

Critical Review

Next to the figure written in bold capital letters is the title of the print, Love Is A Pink Cake which also refers to the title of a collection of 25 prints all of which are accompanied by text written by Ward, who signs his work as Corkie. Seen together, the prints from a book which maps each day of December drawing on cultural and historical figures associated with love. The text, at times controversial or somewhat risqué, brings humour to the collection.

Warhol started to publish books and print portfolios in the early 1950s which showcase the artist’s good humour as well as his excellent drawing skills. The artist’s first book, A is an Alphabet was composed for 26 prints based on tracings he made of photographs he found in magazines. Like Love Is A Pink Cake, Ward also produced accompanying text.