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Paloma Picasso
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1975
Signed Print Edition of 90
H 105cm x W 70cm

Toni Clayton

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Meaning & Analysis

Like her father, Paloma Picasso was a creative individual and rose to fame as a fashion designer and businesswoman. Paloma was a close friend of Warhol’s and often partied with the artist who adored celebrity culture, fame and glamour. In Paloma Picasso, Warhol used acetates of his photograph for this screen print which demonstrates Warhol’s significant experimentation with the screen printing technique.

The print was published in a portfolio of artworks called America’s Homage à Picasso which featured works by eleven different artists. This was part of a wider project composed of six volumes and featuring 68 artists, all of whom published works in memory of the Spanish painter who died in 1973.

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