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Andy Warhol: Piglet (F. & S. IV.134B) - Unsigned Print

Piglet (F. & S. IV.134B)
Unsigned Print

Andy Warhol


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Lithograph, 1959
Unsigned Print
H 41cm x W 54cm

Critical Review

The delicate drawing of the pig reflects Warhol’s excellent draughtsmanship and resonates with Warhol’s earlier artworks, such as Hand And Flowers (1957). Warhol developed his talent for drawing after moving to New York in 1949 when he worked as a freelance illustrator for various commercial brands. The artist produced drawings of clothes, shoes and handbags for a number of popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Glamour Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

In 1959, while Warhol was working as an illustrator for the children’s book publishers, Doubleday, Warhol was approached by the legendary interior decorator and bohemian hostess, Suzie Frankfurt, who was enraptured by Warhol’s whimsical watercolours. Frankfurt and Warhol worked together to make a series of handmade books that were inspired by the mass-produced French cuisine cookbooks that were popular in the 1950s. Piglet (F. & S. IV.134B) is one of the recipes from this collaborative venture.

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