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Andy Warhol: Love (F. & S. II.310) - Signed Print

Love (F. & S. II.310)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1983
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 66cm x W 50cm

Toni Clayton

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Critical Review

Warhol’sLove series is a narrative celebration of love, desire and eroticism that uses vibrant misaligned colour and organic line drawings to create an aura of attraction and fantasy. In Love (F. & S. II.310) the figures glow and pulsate in brown and grey ink, confronting the viewer with an image that is both explicit and elusive in its romantic portrayal of sexual attraction.

Love (F. & S. II.310) is recognisable as a 1980s piece of Pop Art in its highly stylised reduction of form and haze of neon colours. The print also harks back to Warhol’s origins as a fashion illustrator, seen in his elegant use of line and the figures echoing catwalk sketches or fashion advertisements.

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