Antony Gormley's Copenhagen Editions, a series of lithograph prints from 2007, showcases an exploration of human forms within spatial constructs. The series blends abstract and figurative elements to interrogate the relationship between the human body and its surrounding environment.

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Meaning & Analysis

The Copenhagen Editions delve into the spatial dynamics and abstract representations of the body, using lithography to articulate Gormley’s insights into human existence and spatial interaction.

The series features a range of approaches to depicting the human figure, from the starkly abstract Clearing II, which resembles tangled webs or neural networks, to more defined figures such as the human form in Bodies In Space (Black). These variations address the complexity of human presence in space, suggesting both the physical and metaphysical extensions of the body.

Gormley employs lithography with a deftness that allows for intricate shading and texture, which imbues the figures with a sense of weight and gravity. The choice of black and white tones in many of the prints, such as Bodies In Space (Black) and Bodies In Space (White), emphasises the interplay of presence and absence, visibility and obscurity.

The series probes the interaction between individual bodies and broader environmental or architectural contexts. Artworks like Breathing Room and Field depict environments that are simultaneously internal and external, inviting viewers to consider their own bodily boundaries and spatial relations.