Bird With Grenade

Bird With Grenade
Mixed media


Mixed Media, 2002
Mixed media Edition of 5

Critical Review

Untitled (Bird With Grenade) is rendered using a stencil. When Banksy first started producing graffiti spray paints in Bristol, the artist preferred drawing images freehand. As the artist grew in popularity and recognition, Banksy switched to using the stencil technique as it enabled him to reduce the time spent producing the images which was a means to avoid being caught by the police and being spotted by the public. Banksy prides himself on his anonymity and the artist’s true identity remains a mystery, with some conspiring that Banksy is not a single person but a creative collective.

A characteristic feature of Banksy’s artworks is that he uses humour to satirically critique war, capitalism and greed. Untitled (Bird With Grenade) is clearly a comment on modern warfare. The way in which Banksy uses graffiti to comment on socio-political issues like war resonates strongly with the work of American graffiti artist Keith Haring who emerged from the New York graffiti subculture scene of the 1980s.

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