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Lenin On Roller Skates (white)

Lenin On Roller Skates (white)
Mixed Media


Mixed Media, 2003
Mixed Media Edition of 25

Critical Review

In Soviet propaganda, Lenin’s image with one of his arms outstretched was frequently used as a symbol of Soviet power and strength. Banksy satirises this iconographic symbol of power by re-contextualising Lenin’s stereotypical pose as the motion one does while rollerblading. Lenin On Roller Skates (white) captures the political satire that marks many of Banksy’s early works.

Banksy’s artworks are visually simple and lack complex detail yet tend to carry strong social or political messages and often reflect the artist’s anti-establishment values.  Banksy often takes figures of power or authority and re-contextualises them to produce satirical images, as is done with Lenin On Roller Skates (white).

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