Banksy Trend Report Q1

Mixed Media


Mixed Media, 2003
Mixed Media Edition of 25

Critical Review

The meaning of this image is open to interpretation, as are many of Banksy’s artworks. The work is imbued with irony as the gas mask is meant to be protecting the insect, but also prevents it from drinking blood and sustaining itself. The gas mask also prevents the mosquito from stinging anyone, rendering it impotent and disabling it from hurting anybody, despite the insect being rendered as ready to fight.

Banksy’s works are often ironic or satirical and the artist uses animals such as monkeys and rats to address social issues. Animals that are conventionally thought of as pests and associated with being unwanted, such as rats, are frequently used by Banksy as symbols of the working class. In this image, the mosquito can be seen as representing the plight of soldiers who are caught in war and have to struggle between duty and morality.

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