Created in 1970 by Barbara Hepworth in collaboration with Marlborough Fine Art, London, Opposing Forms explores celestial themes and natural phenomena through a series of screenprints. This series showcases Hepworth's distinctive sculptural approach translated into two-dimensional artworks.

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Meaning & Analysis

Barbara Hepworth’s Opposing Forms, produced in 1970, represents a departure from her traditional sculptural works into the realm of screenprinting. Inspired by celestial bodies, natural elements, and seasonal changes, Hepworth’s prints in this series evoke the timeless rhythms of nature and the cosmos.

The screenprints, such as Rangatira II and Two Ancestral Figures, depict abstract forms that bear resemblance to celestial bodies. Winter Solstice and High Tide employ loose, gestural strokes to capture the movement changing seasons with a sense of dynamism and organic flow.

Hepworth’s proficiency in form and composition is evident in Three Forms and Assembly Of Square Forms, where she explores the interplay of positive and negative space, light, and shadow. Each print in Opposing Forms reflects Hepworth’s keen observation of the natural world and her ability to distill complex ideas into simple, yet profound visual statements.