A Seller’s Guide To Bob Dylan

A man wearing a white tank top and brown trousers stands with his back against a green car smoking a cigarette at  night time on wet desolate streets.  Image © Bob Dylan Art / Rainy Night In Grand Forks © Bob Dylan 2021
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Bob Dylan is an iconic musician, poet, and artist. Much like his music, his artwork has captivated audiences worldwide. If you're considering selling a Bob Dylan print, this comprehensive guide will provide you with essential information to help you navigate the market and maximise your return.

“Just like in his music, Bob Dylan always seems to be experimenting with different approaches to his visual art. One series differs greatly from another in often remarkable ways.’’
Shai Batel, Artistic Director at the Shanghai Modern Art Museum
The central figure, a cowboy wearing a blue denim shirt tucked into his jeans leans his back and two elbows against a bar, wearing a cowboy hat with a straoghtforward stare. Other figures are visble in the room all dressed in the similar buttoned up shirts, denim, jeans, and cowboy hats. Image © Bob Dylan Art / Bar Room Cowboy © Bob Dylan 2021

How Much Do Bob Dylan Prints Sell For?

The value of Bob Dylan prints can vary greatly depending on factors such as edition size, rarity, and demand. Generally, limited edition prints tend to fetch higher prices than open editions. Prices can range from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands, highlighting the wide spectrum of values. It's also important to consider factors such as the print's size and whether the work is signed or not, as these details can influence its worth.

Researching recent sales of comparable works helps to better understand your prints value. However, there is also the option of scheduling a consultation with an appraiser to gain additional help and insight. At MyArtBroker, we offer complimentary valuations for your artwork. Our MyPortfolio service assists you in staying updated with the latest trends in Dylan's market, and recognise when any fluctuates may occur.

A painting by artist Bob Dylan, depicting an all-American gas station. It also shows a burger joint, advertising cheeseburgers and rootbeer. An American flag si atop the building.Nowhere and Everywhere © Bob Dylan 2017

How Do You Authenticate a Bob Dylan Print?

Authenticating a Bob Dylan print is imperative when buying and selling, and requires an expert examination of the work noting edition numbers, signature, and style, before conducting additional provenance research. Accurate provenance, or the history of ownership, is critical to determining authenticity. Documentation including original invoices, certificates of authenticity, or exhibition records verify provenance increasing your print’s value. Additionally, consult an expert in Bob Dylan’s artwork to help with understanding documentation given the growing market for forgeries and reproductions.

Selling your work with MyArtBroker, provides you an unpafralled degree of comfort. Our team of experts researches, authenticates, and condition checks connecting you to a network of buyer's and simplifying the sales process.

Has Your Bob Dylan Print Been Kept In Good Condition?

The condition of your print can impact its value significantly, as buyers are likely to invest in prints without signs of wear, fading or damage. It is important to handle prints and artworks with clean hands while wearing art handling cotton gloves. Artworks should be stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environments, mounted on acid-free paper and behind UV protective glass. Avoid hanging your work in direct sunlight, and storing in humid or extreme temperatures, as these factors can cause irreversible damage. If you're unsure about the print’s condition, consult a professional conservator for guidance on possible restoration measures to improve the print’s condition before selling.

Regularly check your print for signs of deterioration and consider having it professionally cleaned or restored if needed – it is best to prevent damage rather than repair it. Over time, prints may exhibit natural signs of wear and tear. In such cases, consulting a specialist conservator is recommended to address any damage and restore the print. Refer to our comprehensive care and restoration guide for optimal guidance.

A painting depicting the outside of an eatery that reads 'LUNCHEONETTE'. Worker's and customers are visible through the large windows, and a blue car is parked on the street corner painted on the far right-edge of the painting. A neon-lit sign hangs directly above the parked car and reads “DINER’’.Nighttime In St. Louis © Bob Dylan 2020

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Bob Dylan Print?

Timing can play a crucial role in achieving the best price for your Bob Dylan print. Keep an eye on the art market, recent sales, and upcoming exhibitions or related events to the artist as these factors can increase demand and interest in an artist's market making it a favourable time to sell. Staying informed about the artist and significant milestones in their career can indicate profitable times to sell as well, as these events can generate renewed interest in their work.

MyArtBroker offers valuable assistance in determining the optimal selling time by monitoring artists' markets through our bespoke MyPortfolio platform and trading floor. This comprehensive approach provides insights into the availability and circulation of artworks, enabling informed decisions for selling.

Recently, Bob Dylan has been the subject of two major retrospective shows first at the Shanghai Modern Art Museum, from 2020 to 2021, and then at the Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida from 2021-2022. Publicity surrounding an artist can indicate potential growth in their market. If you are considering selling your Dylan print, contact MyArtBroker for transparent advice and guidance on selling artworks.

A sunset sky over mountains in the distance with an empty highway running through the centre with the desert on both sides and various telephone posts.Highway 3 © Bob Dylan 2015-16

Where Can I Sell My Bob Dylan Print?

There are several avenues to consider when selling a Bob Dylan print, each with its pros and cons. Taking the time to evaluate your options is essential before making your decision.

Selling A Bob Dylan Via Auction House

Branded auction houses, such as Christie's, Sotheby's, or Phillips are a popular choice for selling high-value artwork by famous names such as Bob Dylan. Auction houses offer professional and curated environments that attract a large network of serious collectors who participate in competitive bidding driving works high above the estimated price. However, various fees and commissions are associated with selling via auction, which can reach 27% of the selling price having a considerable impact on net earnings. Selling through an auction house is also a timely process, compared to the promptness other platforms offer. Moreover, due to the existence of multiple copies of a print, an auction house may encounter numerous individuals interested in selling the same artwork. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your specific copy will be accepted for the most current sale.

Selling A Bob Dylan Via a Broker

Commission fees can vary with independent brokers, and you can expect to pay anywhere between 10% to 30% of the final sale price. Additionally, galleries and brokers may require an exclusivity agreement, so it's important to read selling contracts carefully fully understanding the full scope of terms and conditions before committing. Researching reputable brokers who specialise in contemporary art and have experience with Dylan's work is advised.

Selling A Bob Dylan Via Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces such as MyArtBroker offer a more accessible platform for selling your Bob Dylan print. Art brokers or dealers such as MyArtBroker can help facilitate the sale of your Bob Dylan work and offer a more personalised approach to the process. Our team manages marketing, negotiation, and transparent information on fair market value. We have an extensive network and breadth of knowledge connecting you with the right buyers.

Accredited online marketplaces often provide greater exposure to a wider audience, and allow you to list your print, set a price, and reach a global audience of potential buyers within minutes. They also allow for your sale to be finalised faster, allowing the profits to reach your accounts more quickly. When using such services, be prepared to pay listing fees and a percentage of the final sale price. When selling through online marketplaces, present your print professionally, with high-quality photographs and a detailed description that can help attract potential buyers and showcase the artwork in the best light.

A screenshot of the landing page of MyArtBroker’s platform MyPortfolio, depicting the values of Banksy’s artwork and fluctuations in the art market.MyPortfolio © MyArtBroker 2023

Why Sell Your Bob Dylan with MyArtBroker?

What differentiates MyArtBroker from other platforms is our ability to act both as a broker and as an online marketplace ensuring you get the most out of your profits. We will help you to understand a fair market price based on our research and expertise. We will source potential buyers, authenticate your work, carry out a condition report, and arrange shipping creating a stress free process for you.

A Dedicated Broker

MyArtBroker is a specialist art brokerage service that provides guidance on building a collection and helping to source prints from trusted resources. When working with MyArtBroker and our large network of collectors looking to buy and sell art, you will be assigned your own personal broker who will work with you to find a buyer for the piece you are looking to sell, at the price you are willing to sell for.

Our Network

Our global network consists of over 10,000+ collectors buying and selling works daily on our Trading Floor, which gives you access to our market data in real time. We also work closely with collectors, galleries and independent experts globally in order to ensure we only offer authentic Bob Dylan works in good condition. This means buyers trust us, and convert this trust into sales. Our website has 85,000+ monthly visitors, and we keep them up to date with new works, auction results and news. We regularly publish informative essays, at our Edition Magazine, that discuss the artist’s biography, track the artist’s market performance and analyse Dylan’s style and techniques.

MyArtBroker has access to a worldwide network of collectors looking to buy Dylan artworks, so get in touch with us today if you are interested in selling a Dylan print and we will guide you through the process.

Bob Dylan Collection Management with MyPortfolio

At MyArtBroker, our goal is to simplify the process of collecting, buying and selling prints. Managing your collection is one of the most crucial aspects of owning art, and having all your data in one place is key to efficiency. Our unique service MyPortfolio guides you through the fluctuations of the art market, helping you keep track of your collection’s value and providing you with information about demand.