Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1975
Signed Print Edition of 45
H 75cm x W 54cm

Critical Review

Splice is composed of alternating vertical zig zag lines that form quadrangles. Each zig zag line is composed of two colours: red and either green or blue. As the eye moves down the page, there are a decreasing number of green sides on alternating rows of zig zags, and an increasing number of blue sides. The red side of the line either composes the outer or inner edge of the quadrangle, depending on one’s perception of the composition. It is this optical trickery and ambiguity which Riley revelled in and experimented with consistently throughout her career.

Embracing the relativity of how one perceives colour, Riley revelled in exploring the visual and emotional effects of certain colour combinations. By integrating optical, scientific effects into the language of painting, Riley skilfully merges mathematical precision with artistic freedom and expression. Through repeating simple geometric shapes, Riley dazzles the viewer with an arresting spectacle. Ultimately, Splice stimulates the viewer’s eyes into sharper attention, both to art and to reality.