Untitled (Based On Movement In Squares)

Untitled (Based On Movement In Squares)
Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1962
Signed Print Edition of 26
H 29cm x W 29cm

Critical Review

Riley credits Movement In Squares, which this print is based on, as the beginning of her career-long exploration into geometric form and spatial dynamics. Its rhythm evokes the meeting of two forms, such as in a kiss or embrace. The two flat planes appear to vanish upon a line of implied contact, created by alternating black and white squares reducing in width as they converge.

Generating a sensation of restless movement, Untitled (Movement In Squares) led to Riley being lauded as an ‘Op Art’ pioneer. ‘Op Art’ takes its name from the optically distorting and dizzying effects the artworks have on the viewer, much like optical illusions. This breakthrough work, created with a staggeringly simple technique, is an attempt on behalf of the artist to recreate the wonder of seeing, without resorting to using representational imagery.