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Bridget Riley: Elapse - Signed Print

Signed Print

Bridget Riley

£10,000-£15,000 Guide

This estimate blends recent public auction records with our own private sale data and network demand.

Screenprint, 1982
Signed Print Edition of 260
H 119cm x W 79cm

Critical Review

Elapse features lines placed vertically on the page, in a series of colours that vary at one-and-a-half length intervals of the waves, seemingly merging into each other creating a kaleidoscope of colour. The direction of the waves also alternates as one’s eyes move horizontally across the painting, adding to its overall distorting effect on the eye. Bridget Riley credits her fervent interest in colour to the Italian Futurists and French masters, such as Henri Matisse and Georges Seurat. Pointillism and Divisionism underpin Riley’s practice, both Modern art movements relying on the capacity of the eye to blend colours placed side by side, achieving a fuller range of tones.

Throughout her career, Riley’s artistic practice has developed somewhat cautiously. Incorporating different shapes and colours in stages Riley continuously expands the bounds of creativity and complexity in her work.

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