Cy Twombly's Note series, produced in 1967, comprises four etchings titled Note I, Note II, Note III, and Note IV. These works offer a glimpse into the artist's creative process, resembling hastily scribbled notes found in a notebook or sketchbook. Through the medium of etching, Twombly explores the intersection of writing and visual art, inviting viewers to contemplate the poetic potential of spontaneous mark-making.

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Meaning & Analysis

Cy Twombly's Note series is a visual exploration of the act of writing and mark-making, captured through the medium of etching. Created in 1967, these four prints offer a glimpse into Twombly's creative process, resembling the messy jottings and scribbles found in a notebook or sketchbook.

In each print of the series, Twombly employs a dynamic interplay of lines and gestures, creating a sense of movement and rhythm within the composition. The gestural marks and spontaneous scribbles evoke a sense of immediacy and urgency, as if the artist is capturing fleeting thoughts and ideas in real-time.

The etching process adds depth and texture to Twombly's compositions, enhancing the tactile quality of his mark-making. The rough-hewn lines and irregularities of the etched surface further emphasise the raw energy and vitality of the artist's gestures.