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Damien Hirst: Beautiful, Galactic, Exploding - Signed Print

Beautiful, Galactic, Exploding
Signed Print

Damien Hirst


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Screenprint, 2001
Signed Print Edition of 500
H 92cm x W 92cm

Critical Review

The spin paintings are an important part of Hirst’s oeuvre and the development of his artistic career. Hirst first experimented with spin art and using spin machines to produce artworks in 1992 at his studio in Brixton in London. It was in Brixton that he created Beautiful Ray of Sunshine On A Rainy Day Painting and Beautiful Where Did All The Colour Go Painting, both in 1992. Beautiful, Galactic, Exploding clearly follows from these early experimental works, emulating their long titles which begin with ‘beautiful’ and end in ‘painting,’ as well as their bold use of bright colours.

After experimenting with spin art and setting up a spin art stall with artist Angus Fairhurst, Hirst officially started creating the spin painting series in 1994 when he was living in Berlin. After investing in his own spin machine, Hirst produced a series of paintings which were exhibited at the Bruno Brunnet Contemporary Fine Arts gallery in Berlin, later that year.

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