Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Mixed Media, 2005
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 127cm x W 103cm

Critical Review

As with many of Hirst’s most famous works, Pharmaceuticals foregrounds the artist’s preoccupation with the human condition. Disrupting any binary discussion of life and death through the ambivalent symbol of the medical pill, Hirst in this print brings sickness, health, addiction and rehabilitation into dialogue with one another. For Hirst, the display of pills represents a state of mind and the way that the contemporary individual has the ability to control feelings in body and mind through modern medicine.

This print is reminiscent of Hirst’s earliest pill cabinet work The Void from 2000. Notably this print depicts the mirrored back of the cabinet that works to produce a visually complexing and highly aestheticized art object. Editioned prints such as Pharmaceuticals embody Hirst’s artistic oeuvre that interrogates the intersections between the scientific and the artistic, that are wrongly assumed to be oppositional in contemporary culture.