Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Lithograph, 1992
Signed Print Edition of 200
H 22cm x W 22cm

Critical Review

Hirst has said of his pharmaceutical works, “I’ve always seen medicine cabinets as bodies, but also like a cityscape or civilisation, with some sort of hierarchy within it. It’s also like a contemporary museum of the Middle Ages. In a hundred years time this will look like an old apothecary. A museum of something that’s around today.”

Much of Hirst’s oeuvre, including Pharmacy, is reminiscent of the work of Marcel Duchamp and his ‘ready-mades’. Taking images and objects from the everyday and hardly making any alterations, Hirst confronts the viewer with questions around what makes something art? Is an object considered an art object because it sits in a museum? Both the original installation of Pharmacy and the printed editions epitomise this notion of the ready-made, bringing true-to-life medicine cabinets and the setting of a pharmacy into the museum space.