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Prosperity - Signed Print by Damien Hirst 2009 - MyArtBroker

Signed Print

Damien Hirst


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Etching, 2009
Signed Print Edition of 45
H 47cm x W 39cm


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Meaning & Analysis

Prosperity is part of the Butterfly series, a collection of etchings by Hirst which are all inspired by the natural beauty of the butterfly. Each print shows the impressive detail of the butterfly’s wings and being set against a black background gives the impression that the butterflies are encased in a collection. The butterfly is an insect that has been used as a symbol of love, regeneration, freedom, fortune, spirituality and death. Many of these symbolic uses are referenced in the etchings’ titles. The title of this print refers to how butterflies have been used as a symbol of good fortune.

The butterfly has become closely associated with Hirst and his visual language. Alongside skulls and diamonds, butterflies are one of the artist's most well-known motifs. Hirst’s most iconic use of butterflies was arguably in 1991, when the artist produced an installation butterflies emerged from pupae attached to white painted canvases kept in a humid exhibition room.

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