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Untitled (Spin Painting) - Signed Mixed Media by Damien Hirst 2002 - MyArtBroker

Untitled (Spin Painting)
Signed Mixed Media

Damien Hirst


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Mixed Media, 2002
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 100
H 21cm x W 21cm


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Auction Results

Auction DateAuction HouseArtwork
Hammer Price
Return to Seller
Buyer Paid
November 2019Millea Bros. - United StatesUntitled (Spin Painting) - Signed Mixed Media
November 2009Doyle New York - United StatesUntitled (Spin Painting) - Signed Mixed Media
September 2006Christie's New York - United StatesUntitled (Spin Painting) - Signed Mixed Media

Meaning & Analysis

This print depicts a splattering of spinning paint. The paint is predominantly red, however, there is a concentration of yellow paint at the centre of the work and around the circumference of the area with the most dense concentration of paint. The work gives a sense that the paint is emanating outwards from the centre in a concentric manner. This work was produced only seven years after Hirst first begin to consider spin paintings in 1995.

The full name of Hirst’s spin series, ‘The Action of the World on Things’ comes from a phrase that he began to use in 1999. As this work came after that date, it is clear that it was influenced by the ideas of movement and action that Hirst began to articulate, both verbally and visually, around the turn of the century. This work may be compared to several other Hirst untitled works that produce a Spin painting in a more painterly manner. For instance, Hirst produced another work, also untitled, using watercolour and coloured crayon on paper. Unlike his Spin etchings, there is a freeness to these two examples that is enhanced by his use of wet media in the process of producing the work.

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