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Damien Hirst: H7-3 Butterfly Heart - Signed Print

H7-3 Butterfly Heart
Signed Print

Damien Hirst


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Giclée print, 2020
Signed Print Edition of 1698
H 73cm x W 70cm

Critical Review

When looked at closely, the rainbow stripes in H7-3 Butterfly Heart are composed of butterflies. Hirst achieved this by producing digital bands of photographed butterfly wings. Butterflies are a common motif used throughout Hirst’s work. The insects play an important role in the artist’s visual language, as seen in the Mandala paintings and the Kaleidoscope series.

H7-3 Butterfly Heart is part of the H7 series, composed of two print variations that aimed to raise money for charity. The profits from the limited edition version of H7-3 Butterfly Heart went to The Felix Project, London’s largest surplus food distributor which delivers food to vulnerable people across the UK.

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