H9-2 Courage

H9-2 Courage
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Giclée print, 2021
Signed Print Edition of 760
H 120cm x W 96cm

Critical Review

H9-2 Courage is one of eight prints that compose the H9 The Virtues series. The entire series is dedicated to the cherry blossom tree. Hirst draws the inspiration for the series from his childhood. He remembers fondly how he used to watch his mother painting the cherry blossom tree, as well as being enchanted by a blossoming tree that he gazed at from his bedroom window in Devon. While all the prints in the series depict the cherry blossoms, they each have a unique composition and are marked apart by their names, each of which refers to one of ‘The Eight Virtues of Bushidō’ according to Nitobe Inazō -Justice, Courage, Mercy, Politeness, Honesty, Honour, Loyalty, and Control.

When looked at closely, it becomes apparent that the blossoms in H9-2 Courage are composed of tiny spots. The influences of Impressionism and Pointillism shine through in this print in which Hirst combines thick brushstrokes with intricate spots and delicate gestural lines.