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I Love You (gold leaf, turquoise, oriental gold) - Signed Print by Damien Hirst 2015 - MyArtBroker

I Love You (gold leaf, turquoise, oriental gold)
Signed Print

Damien Hirst


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Foil Block, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 14
H 100cm x W 70cm


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Meaning & Analysis

Hirst sets the almost photographic motif of the butterfly against solid, block colour and the crisp outline of the heart. The use of bright turquoise against gold creates a print that has an immediate and visceral visual impact. Combining the vernacular of the everyday with artificial colour, Hirst’s work appeals to a broad audience and conveys seemingly universal themes surrounding love.

Speaking of his interest in the topic of love, Hirst has explained, “Love is a beautiful thing, and I see it as a small antidote to the horrors of the world.” Hirst has used the butterfly as a reflection of life throughout his artistic oeuvre and is fascinated by the appearance of life that the insect retains in death. The I Love You series is representative of the way that Hirst puts themes of morality, life, love, faith and aesthetics into dialogue with one another to create spectacular and aphoristic images.

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