The Cure (caramel, grape, mustard)

The Cure (caramel, grape, mustard)
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Screenprint, 2014
Signed Print Edition of 15
H 72cm x W 51cm

Critical Review

The Cure (caramel, grape, mustard) is part of The Cure series. Composed of thirty silkscreen prints, each print in the series follows the same format by depicting a large, singular pill in two colours. In some of the prints, the colours complement each other, or use different tones of the same colour, such as the different shades of pink in The Cure (carnation pink, hot pink, violet pink). In this print, however, Hirst choses contrasting colours. The dark grape colour contrasts with the bright mustard, making the pill stand out against the background of the composition.

The Cure (caramel, grape, mustard) reflects Hirst’s fascination with modern society’s obsession with science, modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. The manipulation of scale in this print, with the pill taking up the entire composition, reflects the important role medicine plays in modern society, as well as the tremendous confidence we place in modern medicine to be able to cure everyone and everything.

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