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H4-6 Kew

H4-6 Kew
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Giclée print, 2008
Signed Print Edition of 75

Critical Review

The print is part of Hirst’s Veils collection which was inspired by the concept of a veil. The artist explains how he was intrigued by the way in which a veil can both reveal and obscure the truth and the layers of paint in the compositions can be seen as a series of veils that the viewer must look through to see what is hidden behind the surface of the composition.

The style of painting in H4-6 Kew is clearly influenced by Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. The abstract painting also resonates with the Pointillist movement which was born out of Georges Seurat and Paul Signanc’s experimentations with making paintings out of small yet distinct dots. Hirst often incorporates spots into his artworks, most notably in his Spot Paintings. The use of spots in the Veils collection, however, is much less regimented than the way the shapes are used in the Spot paintings which are characterised by precision and uniformity.