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Where The Land Meets The Sea

In Damien Hirst's H13 Where The Land Meets The Sea (2023), the artist's interpretation of the ocean's abstract vitality comes to life. Through an evocative blend of techniques and influences, this collection of 64 works embarks on a dialogue with history, space, and the timeless allure of nature.

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Meaning & Analysis

H13 Where The Land Meets The Sea (2023) marks a remarkable journey into the terrains of raw emotion and vigour, a series that combines the artist's unique experience of the British coastlines with echoes of historical works. Its alignment with Robert Motherwell's Beside The Sea paintings, especially in his energetic use of colour and technique, serves as a poignant reminder of the ocean's strength, a connection Damien Hirst draws with impeccable sophistication.

The series unfolds in three distinct parts, each addressing the ocean from a different angle. Hirst's Coast Paintings, Sea Paintings, and Seascapes exhibit a transcendent blend of action and photorealism that makes them uniquely engaging. In the Coast Painting, H13-3 Kynance Cove, we see Hirst infuse a plain, grey canvas with bright, unruly pink hues, depicting the new energy that accompanies the winter season.

Transitioning from the bright and unruly energy of Kynance Cove, viewers are introduced to a striking realism in H13-9 Colliding, a vivid black-and-white print from the Sea Paintings section. This piece places them in the midst of the coastal storm's ferocity, rendering the tumultuous and ever-changing nature of the sea in a reality that is both beautiful and terrifying.

Included in the Seascapes part of the series is H13-12 Doldrums, a work that uniquely merges the photorealistic imagery of the Sea Paintings with the expressionistic splatters of the Coast Paintings. This edition showcases Hirst's ability to weave together various influences and methods into a singular piece, exemplifying his talent for transcending traditional boundaries. Doldrums encapsulates an innovative blend of chaos and control, abstraction and realism, capturing more than just the visual scenes of crashing seas. It serves as a vivid microcosm of Hirst's vision of the entire collection, providing an insightful reflection of the world it seeks to portray.

Beyond the technical mastery and aesthetic innovation lies an emotional resonance that underscores the collection. In a time where environmental awareness is paramount, the series offers a deep reflection on our interconnectedness with the seascape. This undertone adds a layer of complexity, reinforcing Hirst's position as an artist who not only captures visual landscapes but also navigates the terrains of human emotion and society.

Overall, this collection not only engages with Hirst's ongoing fascination with capturing reality but pushes it into new territory, bridging the gap between abstract and realistic representation. In doing so, Hirst's maturing style reflects his deep understanding and appreciation of art history and his unyielding willingness to explore, adapt, and innovate. The entire series, eloquently symbolised in the collision between land and sea, past and present, abstraction and realism, creates a resonating impact that is quintessentially Hirst.


Damien Hirst's Art Print “Drops”

HENI and Hirst's latest print ‘drop’ for this nature-inspired series concluded on the 14th August 2023. HENI are yet to announce the edition numbers for each of the 12 prints, which were determined entirely “by the demand during the drop period”. This hyper-commercialised approach to art production is quintessentially Hirst: who has been met with equal measures of championship and controversy for his volume-driven practice.

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