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David Shrigley's Colour & Text (2022) portfolio is a vibrant collection of artworks combining vivid colours with his signature witty and often irreverent text. Through these bold and playful compositions, Shrigley explores the intersection of language and visual art, delivering punchy and thought-provoking lines, and engaging both the eye and mind.

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Meaning & Analysis

Colour & Text (2022) is an exuberant print portfolio by David Shrigley that marries vivid colours with cleverly crafted text. Through a series of bold and playful compositions, Shrigley creates a visually captivating and intellectually stimulating exploration of the relationship between language and visual art. The portfolio comprises eight limited edition offset lithographic posters, each released in an edition of 250.

Shrigley's use of vibrant colours immediately catches the viewer's attention, infusing each artwork with a sense of liveliness and energy. The colours star in abstract patterns that range from scribbles or painterly strokes to coloured blobs and more intricate painterly textures, acting as a dynamic backdrop for the textual elements. Often surrounding the text, which is written against a plain backdrop, tightly, these backdrops add impact to the overall composition and make the text stand out strikingly. The choice fusion of colour, pattern and text works together in each, to create a powerful synergy that amplifies the message and its emotional content. In I'm In The Midst Of It, for example, the text is central to the composition, surrounded by a sea-like field of large blue brushstrokes. The impression is melancholic, suggesting isolation and depth. Meanwhile, in It's Just One Fucking Thing After Another, the text is squeezed into the top left corner by the chaotic pattern of blobs, lines and brushstrokes, in rainbow colours; Shrigley masters a synesthesia of colour and emotion that emphasises the text's message of overwhelm, anxiety, and even rage.

Language plays a central role in Shrigley's oeuvre, as he skilfully employs concise and witty text to provoke thought and inspire contemplation. His words, often irreverent and humorous, provide a counterpoint to the visual imagery, creating a dialogue that expands the meaning of each artwork. Shrigley challenges conventional language usage, inviting viewers to reconsider the ways in which words can shape our perceptions and interactions with the world.

Colour & Text is a celebration of the power of language and its interaction with the visual realm. Shrigley's use of text goes beyond mere communication; it becomes an integral part of the artistic experience. The juxtaposition of words and colours challenges traditional hierarchies and invites viewers to explore the boundaries of language as a form of creative expression. The portfolio's accessible and playful approach makes it inviting to viewers of all backgrounds, as Shrigley's wit bridges the usually wide span between art and our everyday experiences and emotional responses. Whether it's a chuckle, a moment of introspection, or a spark of recognition, each artwork in Colour & Text cleverly engages with the nuances of language and its visual representation.