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Grün Blau Rot (Green, Blue, Red) - Signed Mixed Media by Gerhard Richter 1993 - MyArtBroker

Grün Blau Rot (Green, Blue, Red)
Signed Mixed Media

Gerhard Richter


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Mixed Media, 1993
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 115
H 30cm x W 40cm

Jasper Tordoff

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Meaning & Analysis

Similarly to the Wald paintings, Grün Blau Rot (Green, Blue, Red) confronts the viewer with an abstract composition combining layers of oil paint that vary in colours and textures. The artwork captures Richter’s continued negotiation between a conscious conceptual approach and the spontaneous paint distribution. The smooth surface of the top red layer of paint contrasts with the typical texture of Richter’s abstract works. Such paintings as Abstract Painting (726) (1990) or Abstract Painting (809-3) (1994) are characterised by the presence of subtle vertical lines, the characteristic traces of squeegee that has been dragged across the wet surface of the artwork.

Such 1990s abstract works as Grün Blau Rot (Green, Blue, Red) stand in opposition to Richter’s monochrome paintings of the earlier period. They show how the experimentation with colourful layers of oil paint allows the artist to move in the direction of lively, genre-defying compositions.

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