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Recipe For Humanity

Recipe For Humanity

Grayson Perry

Embroidery, 2005
Embroidery Edition of 250
H 49cm x W 37cm

Critical Review

The undertone of the embroidery is sexually explicit, but this decadent and playful ambience, which is in tone with Perry’s characteristic taste for irreverence and jolly provocation, is soon explained by the poem accompanying the images. Initially reading as a commentary on the absence of God, the poem is an epicurean invitation to seek pleasure while on Earth, defiant of what shall come afterwards: “Impose thy will upon earth’s mess/ Else your life is meaningless/ No hell below no heaven upon / live life now and act with love”.

Perhaps one of Perry’s most provoking and unexpectedly explicit works, this embroidery reveals itself to be steeped with philosophical and historical references that endow it with multiple layers of meaning. As the title suggests, through this work Perry invites the viewer to contemplate life with lightness, serenity and humour, as its maker does.