Sunset (blue and green)

Sunset (blue and green)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2018
Signed Print Edition of 100

Critical Review

The alien depicted in the print is a character from the popular arcade game, Space Invaders, which was made by Japanese game manufacturer Taito in 1978. The game had a profound impact on Invader and even inspired the artist’s pseudonym. As well as making prints of aliens, Invader launched an elaborate installation project, the Space Invaders project, which involved him travelling to cities all over the world to install mosaics of aliens onto the walls of the cities he visited. Invader started the project in 1998 and has travelled to over 30 countries. The project has come to be recognised as one of the most impressive street art stunts in art history.

Discussing why he makes art out of the characters from video games, Invader explains that he wants to free these characters from TV screens and bring them into our real, physical world. Invader’s prints and mosaics give a material appearance to previously pixelated graphic images, demonstrating how the artist fuses the technological and material world in his artworks.