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Hollyweed (red)

Hollyweed (red)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2018
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 55cm x W 42cm

Critical Review

The print was produced especially for Invader’s largest exhibition in the US, entitled Into The White Cube held at Over the Influence in Los Angeles, for which Invader decided to create an entirely new body of works which also included the Versailles prints, here on sale.

The title of the print is a pun on the name of the iconic California landmark meant to gesture towards illegal activities, and as such it evokes both Invader’s mostly illegal practice of tagging public spaces and, more pertinently to this print, his 1999 defacement of the Hollywood sign. In each of his Invasions of Los Angeles, the artist attempted to place a Space Invader on the public landmark, all of which got removed by public authorities. In 2010, Invader was even arrested and had to pay a fine to respond to his acts. Produced only 8 years later, this print represents a mischievous and defiant take on the illegality of his artworks meant to be enjoyed and appreciated by true Invader fans and connoisseurs.