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Imagine You Are Walking

Imagine You Are Walking
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Screenprint, 1999
Signed Print Edition of 40

Critical Review

This print depicts a succession of white walls, with entry points leading off in different directions, as well as a black floor and pale blue sky. The minimalist style and flat planes of colour, with an absence of any detail, is typical of Opie’s style, which takes inspiration from sources as diverse as Pop Art, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Japanese Manga cartoons.

The dark grey road extends in perspectival gradation from the foreground to a vanishing point in the centre of the image. Deriving his imagery from immediate personal experience, Opie then depersonalises this, offering the viewer a commodity; that of being able to make their own personal imaginative journey. Emptied of human presence or details, his imagery is universal.