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Tina Walking

Tina Walking
Signed Mixed Media

Julian Opie

Mixed Media, 2010
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 35

Critical Review

This print is exemplary of Opie’s distinct visual language. Opie has produced many prints of figures in motion who appear to be walking round various cities, such as those in the Walking in London collection and the Walking in the Rain collection. Opie’s style is characterised by his use of simplified forms and the way in which he renders them using thick black lines filled with bold blocks of colour. As seen in Tina Walking, details are removed from these figures. The people Opie draws tend to be faceless, however the artist brings individuality to the figures through their clothes and accessories.

Opie produces a one-dimensional effect in his artworks which often appear flat and lacking in depth. The artist is clearly influenced by Minimalism and Pop Art. Traces of Roy Lichtenstein’s comic book imagery and cartoon characters, as well as Andy Warhol’s highly commercialised style of portraiture are apparent throughout Opie’s oeuvre.