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Julian Opie: Sara Dancing Topless - Signed Print

Sara Dancing Topless
Signed Print

Julian Opie

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Digital Print, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 45

Joe Syer

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Critical Review

Sara has been the inspiration for many of Opie’s artworks, such as Sara Gets Undressed which shows the female model in a similarly seductive pose wearing little clothing. The woman has been drawn in various different poses and she is always rendered in motion. Opie’s skill in producing the sensation and illusion of movement shines through in these prints, as well as his prints of people walking in urban environments, such as his New York Couple collection.

Sara is always rendered as an anonymous figure. The woman has a black circle for a head which hovers above her shoulders. The figures Opie draws are often depicted without any facial features which captures the essence of Opie’s visual language which is marked by his use of simplified forms rendered using thick black lines filled with blocks of colour.

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