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Julian Opie: Daisies - Signed Print

Signed Print

Julian Opie

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Digital Print, 2013
Signed Print Edition of 35
H 106cm x W 61cm

Critical Review

Unusual in terms of style for Opie, Daisies is almost photographic, showing minute details like small insects and depicting every petal of the daisies. Opie makes clear his influence from Pop Art as this print is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Flowers portfolio from 1964. Taking inspiration from Warhol throughout his career, Opie takes a single idea and repeats this across a variety of mediums and compositions.

Daisies is indicative of Opie’s interest in using computer technology as a key component to his work, producing a moving image through lenticular printing. Opie has demonstrated a keen interest in movement and animation throughout his career, often using movement as a form of realism and to create dynamic images of modern life. Combined with photographic realism, the use of the moving image in this print functions to create an uncanniness that toes the line between representation and reality.

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