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Imagine You Are Driving (Fast) /Olivier

Imagine You Are Driving (Fast) /Olivier
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Digital Print, 2002
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 56cm x W 118cm

Critical Review

Working from digital photographs Opie develops his images from his immediate personal experience but depersonalises through the use of simplified form and new computer technology. This depersonalisation of the image works to offer the viewer not a representation of life but a commodity, that of being able to make their own individual imaginative journey within this scene.

Opie has spoken of the subversive and imaginative qualities to his work saying, “I think my work is about trying to be happy… I want the world to seem like the kind of place you’d want to escape into... Mundane things are just as exciting as all the things you might imagine escaping into.” Imagine You Are Driving (Fast)/Olivier transforms the world of Formula 1 into an otherworldly realm that resembles a video game, offering the viewer a sense of escapism and possibility.