Medieval Village #3

Medieval Village #3
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Lenticular, 2019
Signed Print Edition of 20
H 30cm x W 40cm

Critical Review

Medieval Village #3 is indicative of Opie’s interest in using computer technology as a key component to his work, producing a moving image through lenticular printing. The Medieval Village series draws from a sculpture installation Medieval Village by Opie from 2018 that shows an almost life size three-dimensional rendering of the architecture. This sculptural piece, alongside the print series, is indicative of Opie’s desire to create work that captures how humans experience the world through physical encounters.

Much of Opie’s work has been compared to the digitally rendered landscapes of video games in the way that they mimic a simultaneously familiar yet otherworldly sphere. This print is highly graphic in style, using block colour and simplified shapes, working to create an image that is reminiscent of illustrations found in children’s books.