Red White Black Yellow

Red White Black Yellow
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Lenticular, 2020
Signed Print Edition of 25
H 111cm x W 119cm

Critical Review

Red White Black Yellow shows each figure in a different monotone colour as indicated by the print’s title and set against a plain blue backdrop. Speaking of his depictions of people from photographs taken in public, Opie has said, “Each figure throws up surprises and opportunities that I could not invent – a tattoo or a tasselled dress, a goatee or the logo on a T-shirt.”

Captured in the artist’s structured and graphic visual language, Red White Black Yellow encapsulates contemporary city life in a way that makes the viewer think about their own body in relation to the compelling image. Opie rationalises the human form in a decidedly stylised manner, striking a balance between the soft and human, and the hard and artificial, producing an uncanny effect. Undertaking a task that has preoccupied artists for generations, Opie captures modern life in an entirely unique way.