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X Westone, Untitled

X Westone, Untitled
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2003
Signed Print Edition of 14
H 45cm x W 45cm

Critical Review

Untitled, Kaws X Westone is a signed screen print in colours on Arches 88 paper produced by the internationally acclaimed American artist and designer, KAWS in 2003. The print is more abstract than many of the artist’s other works and depicts an arrangement of shapes rendered using thick black lines against a blue and white backdrop. The print has the appearance of a doodle, an imprint of the artist’s subconscious. When looked at closely, the viewer can see a cartoon character hidden behind the black squiggles. The character is smiling and pointing to the left of the composition.

KAWS often incorporates cartoon figures into his artworks and has created an impressive stock of characters, with notable recurring ones being Chum, Bendy, Accomplice and Companion. All these characters can be identified by their crossed-out eyes, a trademark element of KAWS’ visual language.

KAWS’ use of cartoon characters in his work reflects the artist’s love for animation. KAWS studied illustration at the New York School of Visual Arts in the 1990s and then went on to work as a freelance animator for Jumbo Pictures. KAWS worked on notable animation series such as Daria, Doug and 101 Dalmatians, and this experience had a profound impact on the development of his unique artistic style.